1. It was just before dawn, before the sun came out at it’s usual time right over the mountain in the east. She was still trudging along the dark woods—branches strewn over the ground, wet from the cold night. She couldn’t remember how long ago she’s seen warmth, for it’s been while since she’s been traveling through these woods. Somehow, she had dodged the ravenous bear, missed the venomous viper, avoided the painful thorns and yet still her feet were still scratched from walking so long, and yet she found herself still in a pointless trek.

    And was just before dawn, before the sun came out at its usual time right over the mountains in the east, when Jill felt her feet lift from the ground. She was rising and rising until she realized she was flying, and then soaring. But it would be impossible! She thought. For now, she had only looked down, watching the branches on the floor become blurry and the trees become smaller. She was so mesmerized by the sudden change in scenery she had not even questioned who had picked her up. As Jill rose above the trees and into the cool breeze, she suddenly realized she was being lifted. In sudden realization, she looked up to find the most regal-looking eagle with eyes so clear and focused. There was an air of authority in his eyes, and an expression of an “eagle on a mission”. There she was, caught in his hands, yet she had never felt so secure. Well, simply by the way he strongly and gently lifted her above the ground, was already showing his intent wasn’t to hunt her but to carry her. Jill relaxed and looked ahead at where he was taking her. 

    The mountains in the east were massive, to say the least. One never knew what was beyond those risen mounds, but it was clear that if one were to be at the top, it would be a magnificent view of probably all the forest and rivers and lakes, and who else knew what. That’s where the eagle seemed to be headed; that’s where Jill seemed to be head: the top of the highest peak. Jill had seen that peak before, as it would show, even above the highest trees on the woods, but she never saw what was to the left of it, for she has not been out on that side of the forest. She saw it now though, to the left of the highest peak were dry valleys and smaller lush hills and then a rising plateau. It was by far the most curious thing she has seen: a plateau that could be mistaken as still but actually has slow jumps of inclination. Before she could look again, she felt softness below her feet and realized that they had landed on the mountain peak. 

    Jill looked around to see the peak ground covered with thick lush grass, not too cold but just the right temperature to sooth her scratched feet. She felt as if she could walk around for many ages now. In joy, she turned to share with the eagle but he had already left, without a sound. There was no other living creature on the peak with Jill. Jill simply stood staring at the wide sky that was lighting up by the sun that didn’t quite show up behind the mountains, it was a light, she beyond the mountains in the general east, lighting up the entire sky. Today though, large clouds loomed overheard covering the starts and the deep navy color of a sky lit at dawn. The clouds absorbed the light, letting out a dark white filling the vast sky. It was a light she could not see yet couldn’t quite open her eyes to. And then it came. The first one falling on her head and as she looked up, another and another came. Droplets of cool water splashed upon Jill’s face, leaving a hungry face, eager for more. Jill never tasted a rain like such, unlike the rains in the forest, which always left her drenched and smelly, this one left a clean and regenerating residue. 

    She stood there for awhile, and started dancing in rain. Her feet felt like they were right where they belonged, each step soft and comforting and right where the step was meant. The rain kept coming at a constant rate, never too hard that it slapped nor too soft like a mist, but in perfect drops on all of Jill, a rain that she so desperately needed yet did not know she was searching for. “This is it,” she thought, “what I’ve been seeking and didn’t even realize was, is here. And this it!” She was so ecstatic she danced all over the peak, not caring there were no creatures, or the dangers of cliffs, but simply dancing in laughter from the rain that kept coming. The rain that didn’t seem to end. 


  2. "Therefore the Lord waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you. For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for him"
    — Isaiah 30:18 (via delta-breezes)

  4. "I saw everything I needed in a moment, but I will spend the rest of my life walking out the truth of that revelation."
    — The Veil - Blake Healy
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  7. Absolutely cutest.

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  8. Ace & Jig

  10. tragedya:

    Çiçekçi dükkanlarının hiç demir kepenkleri olmaz.
    Kimse aklına getirmez çiçek çalmayı.

    Boris Vian - ” Günlerin Köpüğü ” 


  11. "Jesus has become utterly real to you…The world will not understand. They don’t know what to do with the kind of fearlessness that comes from being drowned in His love…It is the most joyful thing you can ever do, but it also a sacred mandate to practice sacrificial love."
    — Birthing the Miraculous - Heidi Baker

  12. Armen

    Already been hurt many times too much 

    Really wants to believe that He is one that sees, comforts, and loves

    Moves too quickly to rely on broken memories

    Even forgetting that He wants to redeem all the hurts

    Nevertheless He is pursuing after him with ardent love


  13. "Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give."
    — Matthew 10:8

  14. "There’s a line and we’ve crossed it
    Some would say that we’ve lost it
    But who cares what the world thinks
    We have found our joy"

  15. At the moment

    So put me anywhere, just put Your glory in me
    I’ll serve anywhere, just let me see Your beauty
    So put me anywhere, just put Your glory in me 
    I’ll serve anywhere, just let me see Your beauty
    Catch me up in Your story